Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What kind of energy brought down the WTC on 911?

Was it thermite?

1,000 Pounds of Thermite! - Watch more Funny Videos

Hmm, interesting experiment. These dudes are performing an experiment that just might relate to something we've been looking at for a long time. Pictures of toasted cars at the World Trade Center disaster, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Gaza, and now in Pakistan. These are largely explained away as car bombs, and suicide attacks, but I've never seen an explanation for the ones at the 911 scene. There were cars, trucks, and buses, some of them with melted motors that were blocks away from the WTC buildings.

Maybe someone should ask the Department of Energy what they think about all this.

And maybe we should also ask about whats going on in Pakistan.

Peshawar May3, 2009: Destruction of NATO supply convoy.

Islamabad Sept. 20, 2008:Huge explosion at Marriott Hotel in Pakistan

Thermite video compliments of devlin85...

Toastman video compliments of thatsshit on Youtube