Saturday, August 14, 2010

US Navy DDG-1000 destroyers to have full electronic warfare capabilities

At $3.5 billion a pop, there are only three in the works for now, but later improvements will include nuclear power and eletronic warfare capabilities.

Under the U.S. Navy's DDG 1000 Detail Design and Integration contract awarded in 2005, Raytheon Integrated Defense System (IDS) serves as the prime mission systems equipment integrator for all of the leading-edge electronic and combat systems for the Zumwalt-class destroyer program. Working with the Navy and a team of industry leaders, IDS is leading the effort to transform the Navy's ship requirements to reality.

In July 2009, the Navy awarded a contract to a team of General Atomics and DRS Technologies to design a hybrid drive system for the Burke-class destroyers and possibly other vessels.

The system consists of power electronics provided by team lead General Atomics and a DRS permanent magnet motor
. The team will deliver the drive system in 2011 to the Navy’s Philadelphia land-based test laboratory for testing. The drive then will go aboard the destroyer USS Truxton (DDG-103) for at-sea tests in 2012.

I guess, at this point, It would be a good idea to ask if , " TROPHY "some of Israel's latest electronic warefare technology will be used on the DDG-1000?

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