Monday, December 21, 2009

UFO's & Exotic Weapons @ WTC Disaster?

Hat truss

Can you imagine the energy that it would take to remove this massive construction. It couldn't have been there when the antenna fell or it wouldn't have been in free fall. Was the hat truss in freefall? I think not.

The fourth primary structural subsystem in each tower was the hat truss -- a lattice of large diagonal I-beams that connected the perimeter walls to the core structure between the 107th floor and roof. This structure was also known as the "outrigger truss system."

This may all be pretty far fetched, and I suppose that it only gives the gubmint Shills another opportunity to call all this a conspiracy theory, but there is evidence here that shows up in many videos. What it shows is that there were UFO's "unidentified flying objects" in many of them, in fact you can see the same ones from many angles.
I don't have the froggiest idea what they are or why they are, but they are there if you slow the videos down enough to see them.

The reason that I've been following this is that I want know the truth, and see a real investigation into what really happened. Anyways, here is some of the evidence that might just be too far out to ever reach the investigation that many of us seek.
Actually, it is pretty damning that the gubmint has spent $20 million on an elaborate cover up by the NIST, meaning that the whole thing is way to heavy to ever be in the main stream media or the courts of this once great nation.

This is a video that I did on window video. I'm still learning how to do this, but at least found out how to do slo'mo. I did this one before I found Alfons videos, and so was kinda surprised to see the same UFO from a different angle.

You can find me on Youtube at wordgeezer

I once met a metal worker that worked on the clean up, who told me that his life changed when he saw the rubble, or mainly lack there-of. One of the things that he said was that "the building never hit the ground".

Hat tip to Alfons of Veterans for 911 Truth


  1. Hmm..UFOs and 9/11?

    Great! I love it!

    Could they be altering history or was 9/11 necessary for their version of the future?

    Keep up the work Geez! 8)

  2. I know for a fact that on the day the plane hit the Pentagon I SAW a video shot over the parking gate in the Pentagon lot, an airliner running into the building at almost ground level.... I have seen the same video since BUT there is no plain in the picture.